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Updates 23/04

Loco 1.1


08645 location Landore TMD

20308 status Q and notes for spares

31233 status W

37601 location Leicester TMD and status R

37611 named Pegasus

47813 location Leicester TMD and status R

66016 colour scheme Red with Grey roof & solebar

66206 colour scheme Red with Grey roof & solebar

70014 status R

70814 status A

70815 status A

70816 status A

70817 status A

73138 status W

EMU 1.3


319009 denamed

319456 colour scheme White with Blue doors & cabs

800007 status A

800008 status A

800009 status A

800010 status A

Preserved Locos 2.1


D9551 colour scheme BR Golden Ochre

D1062 colour scheme BR Blue

Preserved Trams 2.5


C65 (Imported) (Crich) location Beamish Transport Museum

101 (Beamish) location Rigby Road Depot, Blackpool

264 (Crich) location Beamish Transport Museum

2 (Wirral TM) renumbered 28

5 (Black Country Museum) location Llangollen Railway (Black Country Musm)


49 | Enclosed Horse-drawn Single Deck | Newcastle & Gosforth Tramway | Beamish Transport Museum

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