Updates 05/02

Locos 1.1


08389 location Barrow Hill Roundhouse and status R

08405 location Neville Hill TMD and status A

08480 location Goodman's, Sutton Coldfield

08588 location Weardale Railway and status R

08613 location Weardale Railway and status R

08954 location Polmadie Traincare Depot

20308 status W

56049 status A


08807 (scrapped)

EMU 1.3


375908 colour scheme Dark Blue with light Blue doors

387145 status A

387146 status A




Coaches 1.4


10241 colour scheme Blue, White windows, Red doors

96139 location Longsight TMD


99961 (duplicate of the same)

99962 (duplicate of the same)

99963 (duplicate of the same)

Trams 1.5


111 (Sheffield) colour scheme Advertising Vinyls

116 (Sheffield) colour scheme Advertising Vinyls

Steam Locos 2.2

Updated 3803 (Bluebell) location Severn Valley Railway

3990 (Bressingham) location National Railway Museum, York

68633 (Bressingham) location Buckinghamshire Railway Centre

5786 (Churnet) location South Devon Railway

92134 (Crewe Heritage) location East Lancashire Railway

35022 (East Lancs) location Crewe DMD and status R

35027 (East Lancs) location Crewe DMD

6430 (Epping) location Llangollen Railway

5521 (Flour Mill) location Avon Valley Railway and status A

8274 (Great Central) location GCRN, Ruddington

78019 (Great Central) renumbered to 78054

L99 (Llangollen) location Buckinghamshire Railway Centre

46521 (Midland Rly) location Great Central Railway

2 (NRM Shildon) location Foxfield Railway

5643 (Ribble) location Embsay & Bolton Abbey Railway

4115 (South Devon) location Barry Tourist Railway


72 (Ribble) location Keighley & Worth Valley Railway


1014 (Didcot) duplicate of the same in NEW BUILD section

1466 (Didcot) duplicate of the same 4866

Industrial Steam 3.2


wks 2766 running number 75178 (Bodmin & Wenford)

Private Owner 4.2


97162 (duplicate of the same)

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