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Updates 29/12

Steam Locos 2.2


22 (AFRPS) duplicate of wks 3844 in 3.2 (Nene Valley)

5 (Boness) duplicate of wks 3837 in 3.2 (Boness)

7 (Boness) duplicate of wks 2777 in 3.2 (Boness)

17 (Boness) duplicate of wks 2880 in 3.2 (Boness)

19 (Boness) duplicate of wks 3818 in 3.2 (Boness)


1000 (Boness) location Barrow Hill Roundhouse

2500 (NRM) location Barrow Hill Roundhouse

5539 (Barry) status R

6686 (Barry) status W

73082 (Bluebell) status A

34059 (Bluebell) status R

4247 (Bodmin) previous number 2637

4612 (Bodmin) previous number 4666

5552 (Bodmin) status A

246 (Boness) status A

32469 (Boness) location Glasgow Riverside Museum

68633 (NRM) location Bressingham Steam Gardens

5080 (Tyseley) location Buckinghamshire Railway Centre

L99 (Bucks RC) location Llangollen Railway and status R

1 (Bucks RC) location Severn Valley Railway

60019 (Mid Hants) location Southall Steam Shed and status R

73096 (Mid Hants) location Southall Steam Shed

70000 (Crewe HC) location Crewe DMD


3135 amended to 3138 - numbering error, builder Chrzanów, Poland and status R

Industrial Steam 3.2

wks no 3846 amended to 3844 - numbering error (Nene Valley)

Air Braked Wagons 4.3

Section Header for VXA/VYA/ZRA/ZXA/ZXB/ZYA Stores & Generator Vans updated from "Stored - Various Locations" to "Nationwide Infrastructure Traffic"

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