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Updates 11/12

Scrapped VDA 210289

460006/321/174/468 461044 980075/112/170/175/202 967542/564/623/644

Freightliner HHA Coal Hoppers 370306/308/309/310/312/313/314/315/318/319/320/321/322/325/326/327/330/331/332/334/335/336/339/341/344/345/346/348/349/350/351/353/354/356/357/358

DB Schenker CDA China Clay Hoppers 375004/13/26/27/28/31/34/47/53/56/65/70/73/79/80/81/84/86/92/96/98/100/101/111/115/123

Preserved YGB Seacow 980144

New wagons coming

3170 5890 XXX-X

These will have the bogies from the FLHH coal hoppers - new box wagons being built abroad.

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